Love Is Magic

Love Is Magic

Love is magic,

Pure and sweet

For it makes life complete.

Given freely,

Never bought

The gift mankind has always sought.

Love’s eternal through the years

Standing strong through joy and tears.

Changing not itself at all

But working wonders,

Large and small.

Love turns all the common place

To matchless beauty,

Joy and grace.

Makes happiness it’s specialty

And gives itself unselfishly.

Love’s a mystery ages old

Impossible to see or hold

But when there’s something hearts would say –

Love, like magic,

Shows the way.

Lighting the darkness

Lighting the darkness
Life and love through all eyes,

So different,

So real.
Dreams of life drifting by us,

Life without love,

Love without life,

The beauty of the two

Is priceless together.
Like the moon and the stars

They need each other
To share the sky

In the darkest of times.
To lead the way for all.

Glaring up at that one

Radiant star
Finding those dreams of life

With love,

And love
With such life in it

That it alone could
Light up the night sky.

Death of A Rainbow

Death of A Rainbow

Silent are the songs
The fallen softly croon
When the most splendid
Rarity of the natural world
Dies at the hands of
Unfeeling sunshine
A single glimpse casts
Wonder into the stoniest
Of hearts and releases
The innate light and happiness
In the dreariest of souls,
And yet for all its powerful
Inspiring beauty, no one
Looks on the arced spectrum
With reverence or love,
No one mourns as the
Pallbearers grimly lead the
Fading bow into the
Gray, misty, everlasting oblivion

I’ll Forget about You

I’ll Forget about You

Forget all the laughs.
I remember the cries.

Forget all the times
You said,

“It’ll be alright.”
I’ll still remember

All the tears you caused.
All the lying and cheating,

And late night phone calls.
All of the apologies

That made me want to trust you again.
But those were all

Just lies . . .
And now I

Realize that I don’t need you anymore