Some Things My Grandma Taught Me

Some Things My Grandma Taught Me
My grandma taught me
How things are and how they should be.
She taught me when to hold my head up high
And when to lower it and cry.
My grandma taught me to deal with life’s pain
And that a good sense of humor,
Will usually keep you sane.
She taught me about days passed,
And gave me memories to cherish,
That will always last.
My grandma taught me to be strong,
Both physically and mentally,
And to treat all living things gently.
She taught me about mother nature and God,
And just what it felt like to be two peas in a pod.
My grandma taught me to appreciate,
The things I have and the food on my plate.
But most of all,
My grandma taught me to be me,
And when I look around,
Not to be blinded,
But to open my heart and see.