I Think Of You

I Think Of You

I think of you so often, 

Yet barely know your name.

 Your eyes,. . .. . ..

My worries soften, 

My smile,. . .. . . 

For you,. . .. . . 

The same. 

With conscious thoughts and caring, 

We give each other more. 

With honesty and sharing, 

We’re standing at a door. 

Not every door can tempt me, 

May caution out-weigh haste.

 Yet in your heart I can see, 

A chance I dare not waste. 

I’ve seen the things I dream of, 

Just there beyond this door. 

Your smile it holds a real love, 

You’ve left me wanting more.

 I think of you so often, 

Yet barely know your name.

 And as the edges soften, 

My heart,. . .. . . 

For you,. . .. . . 

The same.

Black Oblivion

Black Oblivion
Have you ever been so depressed
You stopped crying?
To the crashing
And all you can do is watch it fall.
Simple pains of everlasting
Black Oblivion.
Sucked away.
No depth exists in an endless sick, dark sea.
Is meaningless
And now forgotten.
Eternally the Bermuda Triangle.
Once you hit bottom, Rock bottom
There is only one way to go-Up.
Sure! Yeah right!-Face it
There is no surfacing.
I am: