People Ask

People Ask

People ask me where am I going:

I tell them into the future –

Carrying the knowledge

I have learned

Toting my heritage and traditions

Sharing the wisdom I have been given

With open eyes to see the beauty around,

With caring arms to comfort those I meet,

With listening ears to hear the cries of the children and laughter too,

With a smile to give or share with you.

People ask me what am I looking for:

I tell them simple things,

Peace of mind while I sleep,


And Love to share with someone.

People ask me where have I been:

I simply say in limbo,

Numb for years,

Staring out an open window,

Waiting for him.



Like a temple
Made of stone,

Promises are solid
To last forever

In our hearts,

Our minds.
We all have that

Special something in our lives,
Or someone who like a promise

Is solid,

Forever in our hearts,
Always on our minds.

Out of love they are born,
Created to share that moment

Of truth between us all
When we fall onto the promise

Like falling into the arms
Of the one we hold dearest

To our hearts a promise
Will always catch us.