One Wish

One Wish

If I could have one wish,

Granted to me, 

Five minutes with you, 

Is what it would be. 

Nothing now, 

Will ever be the same, 


I can’t see, 

Or hear you,

Only call your name. 

The precious moments, 

We shared together, 

Will have to last me, 


And forever. 

If I had wings, 

I’d fly to the highest mountain peak. 


I would be closer to you in heaven,

 When I speak. 

Time, they say, 

Will lessen the pain and sorrow, 


The void in my heart, 

Will always be there, 

For tomorrow. 

Out of this darkness, 


Will again bring light. 

To help me see, 

That everything will be alright. 

If this one wish,

Was granted to me, from above, 

I would thank God, 

And you again, 

For all the times we shared with love.


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