A Shore Day

A Shore Day
In a blue mist on an island morning,

when the waves are gently lapping against the seashore,

a vista of mini scrapes ;

You may glimpse a tenuous butterfly floating by on

The swirling breezes; and the timid turtle

Huddling about the driftwood, 

Peers out;

The sand and seashells, 

A complex hemisphere;

To show a fortitude and gratitude


Like a tulips awesome bloom in a warm

Spring morning’s sunshine,

Your love opens my heart
To a love so divine.

Our souls share this intense connection,
Joining them as one gives total protection.

Pure magic created inside my body and soul,
When I feel your touch,

I am finally whole.

In a world where nothing is as it seems,is
It really you, the man of my dreams?

I hold my breath,

Anxious and waiting.

To be with you always,

Without any cover or hesitating.
Your words are my pillar that keep me strong,

Through thick and through thin,

I promise to hold on.
When I look in your eyes,

I see my own reflection,

Staring back at me,

Staring back at you,

Full of love and total conviction
So you ask,

“What is it that you see?

” I respond ”

I see all of you and with you

I feel privileged to be!”

It was spring

It was spring
We were together
For the last time that year
By the time I see you
I knew
You’d have forgotten me
I missed you already
As I gave you that last hug
I knew you where leaving
And though you’ll be back soon
You will never return
I do not know you anymore
For we have lived apart



If I had a wish,

It would be this that all

God’s people would be just like him,

Able to cope, trust and just get along.

And not wonder if someone’s doing them wrong.

If we just put our trust in Him,

Then we could surely enter in,

And enjoy what life has to offer.

Instead of trying to hate on your sister or brother.

Yes, life would be so sweet,

If we just stop trying to compete,

For what’s already been promised.

Life everlasting and peace of mind.

So, get it together and claim your prize,

For I truly want to get what’s mine.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Moonlight sparkling on the fallen snow

Giving the night an awesome glow

All little creatures have to rest

Safely in their cozy nest

Knowing that with the coming of dawn

The countryside will have a perfect white lawn

Little tiny tracks from the snowshoe hare

Might even be some from the big brown bear

Let’s not forget the little wren

And maybe even the turkey hen

All in all what a wondrous sight

When mother nature moves in with all her might.


Have you ever realized something that changes everything
A day dream turned way
too real, even to the insane
Sitting in a small restaurant, lost so deep into my own mind
Looking out the window, finally seeing my own reflection
Realizing I have seen the same look thousands of times before
A picture of the Mona Lisa appears in my tainted mind
The face now haunts my deepest thoughts, why her?
Pain and suffering deep inside yet trying to give a smile
No real emotions show in any features that you can see
Yet a hint of a smile, this look I have every day
The look of the broken, beaten, suffering people
Those who believe there might still be a tiny shred of hope
Ones who go through the motions lost so deep inside their minds
Now I have a name for this expressionless look
We have all become a Mona Lisa in our own way

Window To A Mirror

Window to a Mirror
You’ve been like a window to me,

I’ve been looking thru u to someone else.
I thought who I was looking at was right,

But what I was looking thru was perfect.
You’ve been a friend to me when I was in need

When I was too weak to stand.
You nursed me back to my good strength,

And now you’re the one I need.
You’ve been a boyfriend to me,

You keep me in control.
Now you help me even more,

To know that someone cares.
You’re now a mirror to me,

You reflect how I should feel.
It’s no longer how I should feel,

But how I do feel.

What Have I Done?

What Have I Done?

Oh what have I done?
I ran my pike through your
Heart, and swept away the dust
Without a thought in my head.
I told you I would kill you
That I wanted you dead; I didn’t
Mean a single word, I never meant
To be heard. By the gods, what
Have I done? Sunrise brought
The painful memory of the bitter
Words and the fiery threats
That I flung your way so violently.
I’m so sorry, nothing I can
Ever say will be enough apology,
Yet I shall pray that someday
You might yet forgive me still.
Oh what have I done?

Newly Born Son

Newly Born Son


My heart was overwhelmed my mind was filled with joy
The proudest moment of my life was you my baby boy
I streched with open arms you were laid upon my heart
The bond we made that moment will never ever part
Words were unexplainable when you made me a mum
You were so adoreable my newly born son
I wrote this poem when I had my first child a son.

My Friend

My Friend

You tell me that you care for me

But there’s someone else you love.

Why does this have to happen

When God’s in charge above?

I thought you were the one for me

I thought God hand-picked you

To be with me in lifelong love

With love so strong and true.

I’m lonelier than ever now

I should move on from here.

I must rely on God’s strong love

To keep me to Him near.

So be my friend and I will have

A kindred kind and true.

No other friend of all my friends

I love as I do you.