Long, thick stems grow
With help of sweet sunlight
As the flowers whisper fantly
Blowing like a featherless kite
Strong but timid scents come
From the bushes that blossom
Although we can not see the
Flowers whom we hear are so awsome
I saw many pictures of the folded,
Colorful, glass-like flowers
And it made me feel as if I was in
A cool, but refreshing shower
The colors are brighter
Yet softer than a rainbow
Just as kids who are “All play and no show.”
I try to imagine, and take in
The beauty of it all
As I have not viewed with my own eyes
For these flowers do not bloom in the fall
–Yet are in us all.

Love Sick

Love Sick

I can’t hold it in, all this pain.

I can’t take the insanity of these mind games.

It’s killing me,

Tearing me apart inside.

The longer I contemplate it,

The less of it I can take.

Fall into my black hole,

And woe be unto you.

My saddened state is somewhere I don’t want to be.

I have no choice,

It’s draining me.

Until I draw my last breath,

I’ll suffer here in this world.

So every night when I go to sleep,

I beg.

Pray that if I must suffer,

Let me then die.