People Ask

People Ask

People ask me where am I going:

I tell them into the future –

Carrying the knowledge I have learned

Toting my heritage and traditions

Sharing the wisdom I have been given

With open eyes to see the beauty around,

With caring arms to comfort those I meet,

With listening ears to hear the cries of the children and laughter too,

With a smile to give or share with you.

People ask me what am I looking for: I tell them simple things,

Peace of mind while I sleep,


And love to share with someone.

People ask me where have I been:

I simply say in limbo,

Numb for years,

Staring out an open window,

Waiting for him.

Dreams of Tempest

Dreams of Tempest


The eternal oblivion sings its dirge for me.

To love me not,

To hide away in whispering shadows instead.

You are the velvet,

Viscid viper’s voice inside my head,

The Warm,

Enticing darkness that everyone dreads.

I fear you not,

I love you

Yet I know you not.

Like cool rain on a suffocating night,

You soothe the anguish in my soul

Where nothing else can reach.

You are the greatest teacher and the perfect lover and yet…

Alone we are and empty both are we

The enlightened living in shadow,

Lonely ever more.

The Written Word

The Written Word
The written word can bare the soul,

Like poison ink on lace,
Give glory to that final goal,

Trace tears upon one’s face.
The written word can touch the heart,

Like darts, or passion’s flame,
Bring meaning to a new day’s start,

Find solace out of shame.
The written word can change the mind,

Like sorrow turned to smiles,

Can tell a tale of things unkind,

Send love across the miles.
The written word can capture time,

Like memories under glass,
Bring reason to a simple rhyme,

Lead thoughts to form a mass.
These written words were meant for you,

Like those I’ve penned before,
They tell a tale of moments true,

Yet promise so much more.

Now take the words I’ve written here,

And those I know you’ve read…
Believe in them and hold them dear,

My heart is where they’ve led.