Make and freeze for Ramadan

These look yummmy

Afreen's kitchen

Alhamdolillah…Alll done for ramazan

By Afreen Zia
Frozen snacks for Ramadan…You can make and freeze all these for Ramadan…

  Chicken boti  sticks


Boneless chicken 750 gm (cut into cubes)

Black pepper powder 1/2 tsp 

 Red chilli powder 1 n1/2 tsp

Mustard powder 1/2.tsp

Soya sauce 2 tablespoons 

 Salt1 n 1/2tsp

For frying

 Eggs (beaten) 2 Bread crumbs as required

– Marinate boneless chicken cubes with all ingredients   and leave it for 1 hour. 

 – Then insert them on wooden skewers, coat in bread crumbs and freeze.

At the time of frying dip in 2 beaten eggs and deep fry till light golden.

Potato samosas

For Dough:

Flour 250 gm

Salt to taste

Carom seeds ½ tsp

Oil 2 tbsp

Water as required

Or ready made samosa sheets 1/2 kg

Filling for 1/2 kg samosa sheets:-

Potatoes 1 kg (boiled and mashed

Coriander leaves ¼…

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