A Shore Day

A Shore Day
In a blue mist on an island morning,

when the waves are gently lapping against the seashore,

a vista of mini scrapes ;

You may glimpse a tenuous butterfly floating by on

The swirling breezes; and the timid turtle

Huddling about the driftwood, 

Peers out;

The sand and seashells, 

A complex hemisphere;

To show a fortitude and gratitude


Like a tulips awesome bloom in a warm

Spring morning’s sunshine,

Your love opens my heart
To a love so divine.

Our souls share this intense connection,
Joining them as one gives total protection.

Pure magic created inside my body and soul,
When I feel your touch,

I am finally whole.

In a world where nothing is as it seems,is
It really you, the man of my dreams?

I hold my breath,

Anxious and waiting.

To be with you always,

Without any cover or hesitating.
Your words are my pillar that keep me strong,

Through thick and through thin,

I promise to hold on.
When I look in your eyes,

I see my own reflection,

Staring back at me,

Staring back at you,

Full of love and total conviction
So you ask,

“What is it that you see?

” I respond ”

I see all of you and with you

I feel privileged to be!”