It was spring

It was spring
We were together
For the last time that year
By the time I see you
I knew
You’d have forgotten me
I missed you already
As I gave you that last hug
I knew you where leaving
And though you’ll be back soon
You will never return
I do not know you anymore
For we have lived apart



If I had a wish,

It would be this that all

God’s people would be just like him,

Able to cope, trust and just get along.

And not wonder if someone’s doing them wrong.

If we just put our trust in Him,

Then we could surely enter in,

And enjoy what life has to offer.

Instead of trying to hate on your sister or brother.

Yes, life would be so sweet,

If we just stop trying to compete,

For what’s already been promised.

Life everlasting and peace of mind.

So, get it together and claim your prize,

For I truly want to get what’s mine.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Moonlight sparkling on the fallen snow

Giving the night an awesome glow

All little creatures have to rest

Safely in their cozy nest

Knowing that with the coming of dawn

The countryside will have a perfect white lawn

Little tiny tracks from the snowshoe hare

Might even be some from the big brown bear

Let’s not forget the little wren

And maybe even the turkey hen

All in all what a wondrous sight

When mother nature moves in with all her might.