My Friend

My Friend

You tell me that you care for me

But there’s someone else you love.

Why does this have to happen

When God’s in charge above?

I thought you were the one for me

I thought God hand-picked you

To be with me in lifelong love

With love so strong and true.

I’m lonelier than ever now

I should move on from here.

I must rely on God’s strong love

To keep me to Him near.

So be my friend and I will have

A kindred kind and true.

No other friend of all my friends

I love as I do you.


20 thoughts on “My Friend

  1. ‘Why does this have to happen’ – As they say everything happens for a reason….we may not understand why but always try to stay positive

  2. Such a deep one!
    Actually sometimes i don’t understand that why friends can’t be loyal or why they always have to act like they don’t like us. Not always but normally some of my friends do that & I kinda get pissed off but don’t react but then I think that maybe it’s their nature. Think positive & stay positive✨💕

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