My Friend

My Friend

You tell me that you care for me

But there’s someone else you love.

Why does this have to happen

When God’s in charge above?

I thought you were the one for me

I thought God hand-picked you

To be with me in lifelong love

With love so strong and true.

I’m lonelier than ever now

I should move on from here.

I must rely on God’s strong love

To keep me to Him near.

So be my friend and I will have

A kindred kind and true.

No other friend of all my friends

I love as I do you.



You speak of the Nile
How it glimmers
How it shines
You speak of the dancers
How they twirl
How they move
You speak of the gold
How it sparkles
How it glitters
You speak of the pyramids
How they rise to the heavens
How they define your Kingdom
You speak of the Palace
You speak of the guards
You speak of the world
You speak of how you love it so
You speak not of me
Your husband
I, whom you should admire above all
Your Pharaoh

Rape Victim

Rape Victim
A mother came home
From work one night
To see her daughter on the floor
Crying in her sight
The mother ran to her
To see what was wrong
The daughter then said to her
“I was raped while you were gone”
The mother then started to cry
When she noticed her clothes in shreds
She was only hoping to see
Her daughter asleep in bed
The mother screamed inside her head
Tears running down her face
She held her daughter closely
In this now blurry place
I write this to all
It could happen to you
Don’t even say it can’t
‘Cause what I say is true.