Life is like a journey through the river.

No one knows how smooth and long it can run for.

For some it can go down stream or too fast.

For some life is a never ending 

Journey throughout the river,

You never know where it can lead to.

Empty Heart

Empty Heart

“Love is something like the wind
You can’t see it,

But you can feel it”

I believe that statement
It’s like how my heart is right now

My heart is out, given to another
But I’ve nothing to show for it

Except vast emptiness and endless wishes
He said he needs time and I need to wait

And here I am…

Waiting as patiently as I can
Though my patience grows weary at points

But I know he’s honest with his words
And his words are ones that I will obey

Because he has my heart
He’s the only one who can truthfully make me whole once again

I miss him more than anything,

He’s my world
And my heart is his

And here I wait…

As patiently as I can
For my empty heart to be whole once again.