What If

What If

You had the chance to start out new,

Or make your favorite dream come true?

What if…..?

You knew the questions before asked,

Or cherished moments yet unmasked?

What if…..?

You had the chance to change the world,

Or hold a flower yet unfurled?

What if…..?

You had the power to invoke smiles,

Or hold those special,

Across the miles?

What if…..?

You laughed more often,

Loved more free,

Or took the time to share and see?

What if…..?

You wake tomorrow and you find,

“What if” is just a state of mind?

What if…..?

Where Do I Go from Here

Where Do I Go from Here

The first quarter of my life

Was spent in school on study.

Little did I know back then

That life could be so muddy!

After completing my learning years,

I very soon found out

The joy or sorrow of each day

And what life is all about.

Now as my latter years approach

And there’s no time left to err,

I must ask myself this question,

Where do I go from here?



Flirting is great.

But a kiss could wait.

Kisses last forever.

I just found out how care.

If I go to fast,

I don’t know if you’ll still be there.

So If this kiss will last forever.

You’ll need to wait.


I love you Tom!

A lot know I do

Do I care?


Lost a lot,

But I don’t care

I Love you Tom!

You make me wonder

I want you badly

You don`t know me

I Love you Tom!

Your my sunshine

You make me smile

I fancy you too much

I Love you Tom!

That’s all that matters

That’s all I have to say

You are the best Tom Cat

A girl could ask for,

I love you Tom