The Zambrano’s

The Zambrano’s

I love you,

I love you!

More than words can say.

I love you unconditionally,

Each hour of every day.

This feeling keeps on growing,

And cannot seem to cease.

This love cannot be tampered with;

Not torn not cut nor creased.

This love is so magnificent;

So beautiful and strong.

When I think of it and think of you

My heart brings out a song.

Even if God would allow Me to pick another

He knows I would still

Have you as my brother.

There is no better

Thanks you to me.

For all you’ve done

And for all you will be.

The way you love me

The way you love me

look at you, you perfect thing,

The one I love, 

To whome I cling, 

I know I’m falling, 

Falling for you, 

Too scared too see, 

That this is true, 

The way I love you is so bright, 

The way I love  you is so right, 

The way our relationship is so strong, 

The way we always hear our song, 

The way you hold me close and tight, 

To were I know we could never fight, 

The way my feelings are so deep, 

You’re the person I plan to keep….

Time capsule

Time capsule

A hundred years will past quite fast,

But I would like to remind you of the past

: Myself,

My name,

My place,

My life,

Remind you that I was a lucky wife;

My husband,

Family and job,

How much love we had enjoyed.

What would I put in capsule of time?

I`ll tell you what, I’ll do it fine.

I’d put there hearing as well.

So you could hear what people tell.

I’d put their sight,

So you could see

The gorgeous beauty of a sea

And hear the waves and rustling leaves

And all that quietness of peace.

I’d put there touch,

So you could feel a soft warm wind,

Or hard cold steel.

I’d put there taste to let you know

A sweet love story time, or so.

I`d put the smell

And flavored breeze

Of roses blossom will make you breathe.