Angels of Light

Angels of Light

The clouds roll together

Like puffs of feathers

Under a bright blue sky.

Here I lie,

Waiting to see angels fly.

Let me be an innocent child once again,

Shrouded by the radiant,

Glorious raiment of angels of light,

That washes away the pain,

Allowing me to also be free and bright.

Angels of light,

Feel me, see me,

Reach me,

Make me free.

I call to you,

Reach for you,

Need you.

Angels of light,

Please come to view.

Angels of light,

Please be with me.

Angels of light,

Please cradle me in your arms of might.

Yes, angels of light,

Please come to me this very night



A thousand miles apart feels like light years away 

The sky used to be sunny 

Now it’s a putrid gray our lives will be much different 

They’ll never be the same

There is only one reason your going 

There is only one to blame 

I will miss you my dearest 

Without you by my side 

I hope that I don’t die without you by my side 

I will cry an awful cry without you bye my side 

I will cry an awful cry