Love is a decision

Love is a decision

Not an emotion

Though gripping my heart

And tearing it open

Feelings of high

Go along with feeling so low

Bringing me to tears

Bringing me unbelievable joy

Controlling emotion is the key

To all of these ups and downs

These life and death controversies

Love is a decision

Not an emotion

Just a reminder

Putting it all in perspective

Whispering Darkness

Whispering Darkness
Darkness calls me,
It whispers my name.
Chilling with every breath
It reaches out for me.
Inside the call
Overwhelms my senses.
Other times it is
But a vague echo
In the whistling wind.
Every part of my
Being fights the call.
While some days my
Spirit wants to
Welcome it,
Hold it close.
Life puts a shield
Around me where it
Can’t even remember my name.