You mean everything to me,

The world could never know.

I never thought that

I could find a friend,

As true as you.

I never knew a love that could make me smile,

Like there is no tomorrow.

You are my shining star,,

That I have found from afar..

You make my life complete,

You are very good treat.

So I think god for you everyday,

You are my everything.

You could ever be,

My treasure from the sea.

Route of the Heart

Route of the Heart
What calls you,
The north, the south?
Home is a place that’s real
To our hearts, warming them.
Knowing all the time
As it calls us that
It’s a place so sublime.
Waiting and wanting us.
Like the sun and the moon,
Calling each other,sharing the sky.
It’s never too soon,
Or too late to follow
The call HOME.
The caring arms of home
Are always open and loving.
Where your HEART is, there you

Will truly find your smile