You think you’ve got it figured out

But then you’re thrown a curve

It does no good to scream or shout

You hit the brakes and swerve

Then somewhere in the spin you find

Your feet upon the ground

The destination in your mind

Was never where you’re bound

You travel on through day and night

Each step a choice in time

Although there is no perfect sight

We all must make the climb

You know it’s rare to reach the top

Where all your dreams come true

But life worth living does not stop

When there’s a curve or two.


3 thoughts on “Curves

  1. Hey. Assalamu alaikum. I really miss your article or narrative kind of posts which related to your day to day thoughts and affairs. I am coming back to writing after a long break and I see you are into poetry. It is beautiful Alhamdulillah, but I wish if you could also write every now and then (in addition to the great stuff your are doing now) like you used to earlier. Perhaps a year back. I could connect more.

    -an old Fan<3

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