Afraid to Fly

Afraid to Fly

Who’s to say what could be 

When you’re afraid to try. 

Even if you could see 

You still need wings to fly 

Yes there’s a fear of falling 

And landing on your face 

Although you hear a calling 

Is this the time and place? 

Is every chance worth taking? 

There’s only you to know 

Some mistakes are worth making 

They tend to help you grow 

No promises were made you 

And every day’s a chance 

Discover if my hearts true 

Come fly in this romance.

4 thoughts on “Afraid to Fly

  1. Absolutely loved this. The last line links it to Romance. I see this poem apply beyond romance.

    May we be blessed with wings and courage to fly high in right direction. Ameen ❤

  2. And, we learn from our mistakes. Beautiful lines and yes, I too believe this poem has a deeper meaning. May Allah give us the strength and courage to make the right choices. Aameen.

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