If I had a Wish

If I had a Wish
If I had a wish, Life’s gonna be better
If I had a wish, I don’t have to be bitter
If I had a wish, Do you know what I am gonna wish?
I wish I never took the peril risk
I hope I never told you what I feel
I hope I can erase my falling tears
I hope I can turn back the time
When I told you my feelings divine
Seems I lost something I can’t take back
My heart in your hands that lost its luck
I know its too late to say this
But if only I had a wish
I wish I never told you
The things I’ve been hiding all through
I wish I kept it hidden
‘Coz the feeling was better then
Now this came into my mind
That I have to take you off from this heart of mine
I know that it is not that easy
But I know its the best for you and me

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