My Shadow’s Shadowland

My Shadow’s Shadowland

Journey with me into the
Darkest of the darkest places in
The never-ending void of shallow
Intention and deceitful truth.
You cannot see for all the
Mirk and Mire that clouds
Your hollow eyes,the blades
Within your souls will burn
Your thoughts until the end of time
For you there shall be no end to your
Unholy torment that shall drive you
Out from inside, the windows to your
Soul shall shatter and your spirit will
Be destroyed by the Universal Hammer
And none shall escape the wrath that
Falls upon the you; beware the broken heart.

Is this

Is this
Is this life?

Nah it can’t be life
Do you want to be trife?

Nah I can’t live trife
Is this love?

This can’t be love
From heaven above

I know what I’ve done
Went the wrong way for too long

Couldn’t finish out the race
Wasn’t strong

Weak hearted individuals
Get mislead wrong

Can’t ever stress the importance of a song
You can go against it or go along

You can be smart or dingy dong
Before I started this verse I was in a zone

Got to find the meaning to it

Digging for it like a dog to a bone
Let me off the porch