Feelings are important to everyone,

But should they be?

As I sit here,

I am disgusted with myself for my feelings.

They betray who I am.

We should not allow it to be this way,

So turn off all emotion and be safe from all hurt and pain.

There is a downside,

You will feel no joy or any type of happiness so is it worth it?

My Little Sister

My Little Sister

She is an amazing thing to watch in her daily life.

Like a flower opening up to the early morning sun.

Always questioning why and trying to understand.

How can something so small in size,

Be so many things at once?

She can be my playmate

And she can be my enemy;

She can be so funny

And at the same time make me so mad;

She can be the perfect angel,

Doing as she’s told;

And she can be a little devil,

Trying to act so old.

She follows me around,

Trying to match my every step.

But one day soon,

I’ll be the one who follows her,

Making sure that her every step is safe.

Finally at night,

When she’s a sleeping her bed,

I look down at her and quietly say,

“She’s just my little sister…”.



A vast, albescent
Expanse of frigid
Frozen desolation where no
Warmth can thrive, no lonely
Heart can find solace. It was there
Among the deadened copses of trees
And gnarled shrubs burdened down with
Ice and frost, that my last breath of
Life was so painfully lost to the
Psychotic whim of the one who I so
Naively trusted. A surreptitious
Rendezvous was his plan,sad to
Learn he was no man, but a beast with
Malice unable to be quelled; the only
Heir to Hell.  I couldn’t believe it even as I died.

Blue Chasing

Blue Chasing

Been on this earth,

For a good many years

I’ve seen good and bad,

In this veil of tears

Every day I learn something new

About people and things,

And I’m seldom blue

But when I do feel a little sad

As though life has really treated me bad

I go for a walk,

To renew my zing

And before I know it,

I start to sing

Ignoring the glances,

Brought on by my song

I just smile and keep singing,

As I walk along

How sad that the grave serious crowd

So deep in thought, their heads all bowed

Aren’t in on the secret that brings me cheer

I just sing away all doubt and fear

So if you’re burdened down with care

Just try walking and singing,

Soon you’ll be walking on air.

Life Is No Joke

Life Is No Joke
Life is no joke especially if you drink

Or smoke 

Or even go out in the cold with no coat 

So you should think twice 

And get on a boat that will take you 

As far as your life will float 

To higher levels were people will go 

Right not left 

Up not down 

To stand on solid ground 

And don’t look down 

Because the word gets around that when you get on a boat life is no joke