The way you smile

All those cute looks

Makes me go wild

You’ve got me hooked

Seeing you in the halls

Not knowing if you know

I wish I could tell you

But I’ll leave you alone

You’ve got everything you want

Why would want me?

Before Her

Before Her

She snuggled closer to me as she slept in my arms last night.

Milk bubbles were all over the floor and her toothless smile.

Tiny toe squiggles and knee prints are scattered all over the floor tile.

But I forget everything there ever was before her…

Before her smile.

Old Friend 

If we ever meet againplease don’t act surprised. 

Don’t be fooled by my shaking hand

the weariness in my eyes.

My awkward limp is an illusion

a trick of your failing sight.

The wrinkles and scars disappear

in the blessedly weak twilight.

So let me hold my head up high

keep me young in your mind.

Let your memories be charitable

allow them to tell you lies.

Hope we didn’t waste the years

pray we didn’t waste our tears.

May time be kind to our souls

and bring us nothing but cheer.

Great Unknown

Great Unknown
Gusty wind upon my face
Rain upon my skin.
Hand in hand
I walk with my beloved.
Into the world of wonder we do go
Stepping into the unknown.
Together we walk hand in hand
Side by side,
Holding each other as if the world was ending.
A world of mystery we do enter
Anticipating where we will end up.
Side by side we walk
Into the night

Tears Within 

Tears Within

Feelings of all kinds

Linger within me, the tears deep

Within reach beyond

Any feeling or expression.

They are there to remind me of my weaknesses, 

My sorrows,

The happiness of life

And the joy it brings.

They arise at times

Out of no where,

For reasons unknown.

They linger, 

All the time deep

Within my spirit

Just waiting for the time

To be needed.


Life’s little expression from within

That glistens from without.

Life’s Warm Glow

If you’ve ever seen

A beautiful sunset

Then you know it’s

Not seeing its warmth,

But letting yourself

Dream and feel its glow.

It holds spirits, 


Memories that rekindle

Every time you’d find yourself

Drifting away into its

Magnificent glory.

A sunset is nothing

Short of a warm loving

Moment that you forget

About life and its sorrows, 

It’s shortcomings.

It’s there to remind us all

Of life’s treasures

And beauty.