A light in the heart has been swallowed by

A painful darkness of the earth’s nature.

As the sky warmed in the early midst,

The Heart opened,

A spark like a firework

Jilted from the body.

A bolt of joy raged with joy under

The physical object which lay down on

The smooth surface of a rugged floor.

Torture with love entangled together in a web of love with distance.

Missing the half of a heart that has moved

From within the body that once lived there,

The body cried out underneath,

Impatient For the heart to be full again.

Only memories calm the lonely mind of each sunset,

A new dawn.

God’s Promise

God’s Promise

Will I always be wandering in your world alone and lost?

Will I finally find what I’m searching for,

Will it come at too high a cost?

There are so many uncertainties so many burdens to bare

I close my eyes will you still be there?

When I’m walking along will I choose the right path?

If I stray too far can I ever turn back?

I reach up to the heavens with my arms stretched high

Will forgiveness be there when it’s my turn to die?

And just when I feel no more

I can take God grants me the promise he will never forsake.

Making Forevers. . . . .

Making Forevers. . . . .
Forever. . . . .
How is it measured?
In the smile of a child,
Or the laugh of a dear friend?
Is it the warmth of a loved one’s arms
Holding us tight in the
Dark of the night, or the tear
From a loving mother’s sadness?
Forever. . . . .
When is “Forever” done?
Is it over when the child
No longer has a reason to smile?
Is it over when the dear friends
Laughs are no longer heard?
When the warmth of love is gone,
Is “Forever” done, or is “Forever”
Done when the mother’s sadness
No longer breaks her heart into?