I go to work most everyday

And stay home alone each night.

I wonder if that’s meant to be,

Or if I should just take flight?

To somewhere other than this place

But where,

I’d like to know?

Maybe where it’s warmer still,

Or maybe where there’s snow.

I wish I knew that special place

That God meant just for me.

Is it near the mountaintops

Or maybe by the sea?

But then I think if I did go

It might be just the same.

It wouldn’t change the atmosphere

It would only change the name.

So maybe it is not this place,

Maybe it’s just me.

So I think I’ll look inside myself

And see what I can see.

Petty Transgressions

Petty Transgressions
Brightly colored, cellophane covered boxes
Hold a “fix” and one less breath of being.
Their contents are tidy.
Hidden under a soft silver foil
They lay fresh and new, virgin.
An exotic beauty with coy eyes
And ink black hair plays a siren song,
Inviting you to hold her glass body to your lips.
She is amber golden seas,
And the rich spiced flavor
Of unknown lands.
A timeless pungent aroma
Grabs subtly at the threads of reality,
Slowly pulling them apart and reweaving them.
A sharper image and warmth
Emerge through the thick air left behind.
These are small treats and vices,
An ounce or breath of self reward,
In a daze of expectations…

Afraid to Fly

Afraid to Fly

Who’s to say what could be
When you’re afraid to try.
Even if you could see
You still need wings to fly
Yes there’s a fear of falling
And landing on your face
Although you hear a calling
Is this the time and place?
Is every chance worth taking?
There’s only you to know

Some mistakes are worth making
They tend to help you grow
No promises were made you
And every day’s a chance
Discover if my hearts true
Come fly in this romance.