Here I sit, all alone in my room.

People are all around me.

Yet, I am all alone.

They say this will pass.

They say put the past behind.

They tell me to smile,

But the smiles are just a front.

I feel sad and alone.

All I want to do is cry,

Hoping the tears will wash away the heartache and pain,

And allow me to feel life again.

I am numb now;

Nothing makes any sense.

I reach out for you,

But you’re no longer there.

I long for the days past,

When you were near me.

I feel your presence and love,

But your arms aren’t here to hold or comfort my fears.

You said you would never go,

That you would always be here.

But you left me during the night

And I awoke all alone in a crowded room.

Bitter Night

Bitter Night

The wind moans forlornly through the trees.
Dog wails,

Grieving his missing master.
An owl calls,

But is not answered.
A lone coyote howls into the night.

And then in the ensuing silence,
Even the cold dispassionate moon

Hides its face from the grieving widow
And from the icy avalanche grave.

Heart Hurts

Heart Hurts
I`ve suffered too much

My heart hurts so bad
So many sacrifices

Too many tears
Just tell me one thing

That you love me
That’s all I ask

Nothing else
I’ve never had a love

I’ve never had a love
I’m worried

I won’t ever

You seem too perfect for me
You were my first love

Sweet silence is the thing for me
Anything you like,

I like too
I guess you can say

I’m obsessed
But my heart hurts

Because of you