Look at me,

How far I’ve come..

Now watch me unravel and come undone.

In hindsight,


It all makes sense-

Backstabbed by people

I considered my friends.

Sometimes I feel like I’m to blame;

I go to scream,

But I refrain.

I go to talk,

Then lose my breath-

My tears are all that I have left.

I’ve lost what I have cherished most;

I’m a lone survivor,

Living among ghosts.

Love Charm

Love Charm

Love me now, love forever
We shall ever be together.
Think sweet, sweet thoughts
Of me; you think of me
Constantly. Sweet like honey,
Sweet like rain, you will keep me
And you will keep me company
For all eternity; likewise
You will ever know my embrace
You will love to see my face,
Look me in the eyes, feel the
Love I have for you climbing to the sky.
One glorious,shining harmony,
Our love will always be.
Be mine, I’m yours and never
Wander far, never want more than me
And yours forever I shall be.