If I could turn back time for a day

Things would be so full of disarray

As the one I loved then

But did not realise

Till I saw him again

Would surely let me have another chance

Time passes by Friends part,

Lovers meet again

Yesterday seems like a dream

We did not live fully until now,

Too late We seem to open up our eyes

That the past kept closed to

What was right in front of us

I remember everything.

Remember it well

All those things you said to me.

The pain that I felt

Tried to be everything.

But somehow always fail

What the hell do you want from me.

I never could tell

Now I realize.

A smile,

Is my disguise

Only open eyes will let me see,

How long will I let me bleed?

If only a reason,

If only a day You could open your eyes,

What would you say?

Red as blood is your skin,

Forgot love for a desire within

Passion for pain.

Sin and shame

Price is mine.

Your debt unpaid


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