Secret Place

Secret Place

As I look at the streets, 

I see angels dancing on golden roads. 

As I look at the buildings,

 I see daisy’s flowing covering the rooftops 

As I look at the mosque,

 I see nothing but a bright white light. 

As I look at the floor,

 I see snow white clouds with tints of azure blue.

 As I look at the people, 

I see angels with white wings. 

This is heaven, 

Found on that one cloud that stands out more than the rest at sunset. 

Surrounded by golden lights, 

Lights reflecting off the golden gateway. 

This is heaven, a place of love. 

Where pain is unheard of,

 And the only tears are from happiness. 

This is my secret place,

 Where all dreams come true.

Prophecies of the Oracle

Prophecies of the Oracle

Black hair like the empty vacuums of space,

Fathomless ebony eyes set perfectly in his

Dark and brooding face that looks upon all

With such bleak and shadowed despair

As to never let anyone know that,


He is still there.



And malice are his masks

And even he no longer

Knows whether he was a man once.


Irrationality and hopelessness

Crush his seemingly black heart,

And yet

Some are left to wonder if just maybe…

He still has a soul…

Is he in pain inside?

This sad tale does have an end that

Can be said is less dark.

When Elwood begins

To fall,

The shell will be cracked,

The Chains will be rusted and shattered


If I could turn back time for a day

Things would be so full of disarray

As the one I loved then

But did not realise

Till I saw him again

Would surely let me have another chance

Time passes by Friends part,

Lovers meet again

Yesterday seems like a dream

We did not live fully until now,

Too late We seem to open up our eyes

That the past kept closed to

What was right in front of us

I remember everything.

Remember it well

All those things you said to me.

The pain that I felt

Tried to be everything.

But somehow always fail

What the hell do you want from me.

I never could tell

Now I realize.

A smile,

Is my disguise

Only open eyes will let me see,

How long will I let me bleed?

If only a reason,

If only a day You could open your eyes,

What would you say?

Red as blood is your skin,

Forgot love for a desire within

Passion for pain.

Sin and shame

Price is mine.

Your debt unpaid



There are words I’ve left unspoken

For there are no words to say I know what it is to be broken

Had pieces of me swept away

The day to day keeps coming

My struggle may never end I have found no way of numbing

The holes that can not mend

Still I keep my smile

And hold my head up high

Some things are still worthwhile

So day by day I try

And as each new sun rises

I try my best to bare

The good and bad surprises

That no one else will share

So the words I’ve left unspoken

They take me through each day

With my dream completely broken

What more is there to say.