Written Word

Written Word

The written word can bare the soul,

Like poison ink on lace,

Give glory to that final goal,

Trace tears upon one’s face.

The written word can touch the heart,

Like darts, or passion’s flame,

Bring meaning to a new day’s start,

Find solace out of shame.

The written word can change the mind,

Like sorrow turned to smiles,

Can tell a tale of things unkind,

Send love across the miles.

The written word can capture time,

Like memories under glass,

Bring reason to a simple rhyme,

Lead thoughts to form a mass.

These written words were meant for you,

Like those I’ve penned before,

They tell a tale of moments true,

Yet promise so much more.

Now take the words I’ve written here,

And those I know you’ve read…

Believe in them and hold them dear,

My heart is where they’ve led.

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