Broken Heart

Broken Heart

You broke my heart,

Tore it in two,

Then lied even more.

You broke my heart,

Said you still loved me,

Then went for my enemy.

You broke my heart,

Told me you liked her,

Then said you didn’t love me anymore.

You broke my heart,

I told you I still loved you,

Then you said you never loved me.



 My soul is weary, 

Heart is crying, 

All around me dreams are dying, 

Hope is fading with the wind, 

Trapped within this web of sin. 

Invisible tears stain my soul, 

This loneliness that no one knows, 

I cry within each day and night, 

These broken wings; 

They long for flight. 

Weary and broken I fall to the floor, 

My soul has been raped and it breathes no more, 

I burn in the ashes of my self-inflicted hell, 

Burdens of hate that I fear to unveil, 

I’m a corpse stained red with guilt and shame,

 The angels fail to ease my pain. 

I fear that my faith is wearing thin,

 Consumed by the madness that screams from within…

Dua To Allah 

Ya Allah, make me an ambassador of Thy PEACE,
That where there is hatred, 

I may bring Thy LOVE;
That where there is error,

 I may bring Thy TRUTH;
That where there is doubt, 

I may bring Thy FAITH;
That where there is despair, 

I may bring Thy HOPE;
That where there are shadows, 

I may bring Thy LIGHT;
That where there is sadness, 

I may bring Thy JOY.


Ya Allah


Ya Allah! 

Be with us at every step we take,

Ya Allah!

 Guide us in each decision we make,
Ya Allah! 

Help us when life gets rough,

Ya Allah!

Bless us with more than enough,

Ya Allah! 

Protect us when we fall,

Ya Allah! 

Hear us when we call,

Ya Allah! 

Soothe our heart when we don’t understand,



You’re my world

Everything I need

More than the air I breathe

You are precious to me You’re my everything

You give me strength when I am weak

Soothe me when I’m weary

When all hope is lost, in you it’s restored

When everything around me crumbles,

You stand firm

In you I find hope,

Peace, and life You’re my strength and firm foundation

All I need and want is found in you





Firm foundation builder,


Friend and lover

You are my everything