I stopped writing

I stopped writing

I used to picture a little island that would whisk me away for days.

I should have never stopped writing.

It is what gives me the strength to move on.

I put it aside and carried on.

I used to be scared that someone would find what I wrote and read it.

So after a while of having a precious writing I’d rip it up.

I was embarrassed about some of the ways that I felt,


My paranoid feelings made me put down

My Pen and Pad.

So I stored my emotions in the back of my head.

Rigorously they built up in my brain until it was to late to realize.

I held in so much pain.

Only to have my conscience haunt me

And by not writing,

Delete me.

Secret Place

Secret Place
As I look at the streets,

I see angels

Dancing on golden roads.
As I look at the buildings,

I see daisies

Flowing covering the rooftops
As I look at the mosque,

I see nothing but
A bright white light.

As I look at the floor,

I see snow white
Clouds with tints of azure blue.

As I look at the people,

I see angels with white wings.
This is heaven,

Found on that one cloud
That stands out more than the rest at sunset.

Surrounded by golden lights,
Lights reflecting off the golden gateway.

This is heaven,

A place of love.
Where pain is unheard of,

And the only
Tears are from happiness.

This is my secret place,

Where all dreams come true.