Take My Hand

Take My Hand

Sometimes the smell of roses stings my eyes,

The thorns tear my soul,

And yet I grab blindly.

Sometimes stones crush my dreams,

And the Earth covers my sin.

Soon my eyes open,

Bloodshed ceases.

Times dances before my eyes,

Light is shed upon my intentions

And draws me nearer to the one who lights my spirit.

The one I give my secret thoughts and desires to.

He takes my hand from the thorns and leads me his way.

Happiness fills the void in my heart.

My dreams have conformed themselves in his eyes,

By his love.



When problems in life make you seem weak

That’s when you are most likely defeated.

But once you realize,

There is a strength in you that can not be weakened,

That’s when you see clearly and your path in life is deepened.

Don’t let anyone or anything choose your destiny,

Just trust in who you are and proceed accordingly.

You are strongest in your darkest hour,

So hang tough and believe in your power.

Power to control your own destiny

And not settle for anything less than what you want your life to be.

Yes, this strength lies deep inside us all.


When you’re about to fall,

Take a step back,

Reflect on who you are and answer the call.


Trust in him sometimes in life

We want what’s best

But we often forget,

Life is just a test

The life you live

It’s really not your own

It’s loaned to you from

God up above

So when life’s stresses try to creep in

Just look to heaven

And call on him

He’ll show you the road

To take so believe me

When I say it is no mistake

For he knows all about

What you are going through,

Just trust him

And do what he leads you to do.


Soaring up above the cloudy oceans of the sky,
Rainbows in the dead of night

Never cease to catch my eye.
Swimming through the dark

And deep down sorrows of the deep,
Drifting in the sea of tears,
Love and hope I strain to reach.
This web of sin that binds the world,
I shall break and force undone,
And never shall I cease to fight

‘Till morning light has come.

And God will send His rainbows,
To light and guide my way,
And hope to lead me onward,
Through each sad and lonely day.