A Color That Is Me

A color that is me

I want a color that is me

Something different than the normal color sea

I would like to paint my heart a new color

Something different from all the others

A shade darker than most but still as pale as a ghost

Something that is truly me

Not an unfamiliar copy

Something that stands out

Something that is what I’m about

A color that does not exactly match

A color that does not entirely clash

Not a purple,


Or blue

None of these will do

For I want a color that belongs to me,

One that sings a proud song

I want a hue that is different than you

A hue that is true

A color that is me

So Called Life

So called lifeSomeone came and

Asked me

Do I know

What is the thing

Hard like rock,

Soft like silk,

Can make you laugh,

Can make you cry

I wondered

What it could be

Reply was love

I never knew

The meaning of love

Until we met

You opened my heart,

You touched my soul

And you are the reason,

I know, meaning of Love.


Being numb inside.
Like the winter cold.

As the season rolls on,

The surface becomes

Colder and harder.

Only when the sun

Changes its tune

Does the surface

Allow warmth

To break through.

Finding the one love

That can heat up that

Heart of stone.

Thaw it out like

A summers day,

Make it turn into a

New season worth

Living and dreaming.

Letting the heart

Learn to feel warmth again.