Love Without Reason

 I love you without reason

I love you throught the seasons

Throught rain and shine

Blue skies and green trees and black seas 

Nothing can keep me from you

I will travel to the ends of earth and back agin just for you

Our souls are entwined 


Our hearts are already binded together

This is true love

This is forever love

The kind that comes only once in a life time

To infindy and beyond

To you and only you I give my heart

And my body

You have lighted a etenal f;lame

Just with you gentle words and kind spirit

You reached out to me in my hour of deepest need

For this i love you

My words cannot do justic to how much i love u

Ican’t express it with 26 letter

None with stars

I  love u forever always beyond more most to infindy I love you

(copyrighted 2005 )

support of wife by husband

When your wife feels weak,

Be to her like a father.
When she cries,

Be to her like a Mother.
When she makes a mistake,

Be to her like a brother.
When she complains,

Be to her like a friend.
When she feels afraid,

Annex her in to your heart and be to her like a lover.

When she needs advice be to her like a sister.
And make her feel that you always with her

And Will not abandon her till death.