Butterfly Angel In My Rainbow

Butterfly Angel In My Rainbow
Popularity ranked high in that heavenly sky where
Rainbows are created, a stroke with a curved and
Colors indescribable. Now the water is falling
In drops from vapor condensed in the atmosphere,
Fresh water, precipitation from clouds, a final
Rain. Spiritual being attendant upon our God.
Leap, flow, like the highest waterfall as you
Fly down to me. You are beautiful and free,
Attractive in your ornaments of color; aesthetically
Pleasing and delightful to my senses. An exciting
Intellectual and emotional admiration in my spine.
Now your wings cut and spread open in the sky, flutter
Like that fly, talk and behave amorously, with and
Without serious intentions. Butterfly stroke in the
Key of C, you beautiful Lepidoptera, an American moth,
From egg, to caterpillars, to development of wing and
Pupa, and adult Imago. Your habits like the angels,
Are external in references. I long to be your antennas,
And direct you right back to me.

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