My tiled glass heart

My tiled glass heart


My tiled glass heart,
In a million pieces every where,
From the sadness in the air,
My tiled glass heart is dark and lonely,
When I see him the light shines through,
When he smiles my heart goes miles,
The jagged edges of my tiled glass heart,
Begin to file into softer rounded edges,
My tiled glass heat is no longer dark.

When Will It Be

When Will It Be

I look around and see love left to right
Lost without a fight
Will it become my turn tonight
To find something to life
Someone I can love without fright
Someone to hold me tight
A person that can love me
Not just the shape of my body
A person without a care in the world
Someone who will call me their girl
Do something with yourself
Gain a legal way to earn your wealth
The time, who knows
The place, who cares
I will find the true love of my life somewhere
Somebody that will want to be there


Heartbreak is
Cold cruel gut wrenching
My stomach is in knots
My heart is bleeding red blood
As tears slowly well up……

Then tumble-down my face
Stop the pain !

Stop the pain!
I silently pray to Allah
I ask him

Why me!!

Why now must I always be in pain
My mind is numb

My heart no long feels,

It has been ripped out
Or stabbed with the invisible knife ,

That only I know and see
I silently beg for relief

I pray to Allah to care for my soul

Copyright ©2005 

Tears Dont Fall

Tears Dont Fall


My eyes fill up and over well
The water on my cheeks
The feeling dry hands wipe away the tears
How many days, weeks, months, or years
Will I have to endure this pain
This pain of love
One hand curled in yours
The other holds a cigarette, breath in, exhale,the smoke
Becomes one with the air
Like our souls intertwined
Love sweet love, make me cry tears of pain
Forb there is nothing more violent than love
Insecurity, loneliness, regret
I feel those when your not near
The fear of bieng alone forever, with out you
I cry and I weep but my tears don’t fall

Death Of Flowers

Death Of Flowers
Winter is Death. 

Sentencing the flowers of summer

 To their cold graves. 

No hospitals for them. 

Their illness-

The cold- 

Is quite fatal. 

And no flowers for their funerals-

 The bleeding hearts 

And the peace lilies 

Are all dead too. 

Sleeping in silence. 

But not forever. 


Only until 

The return of the warm 

Summer months.

I Am…..

I Am . . .


I am red and yellow
Like the speechless sunset.
I am powerful, big, and gracious
As is the mighty Blue Whale.
I am a love song that begins in LOVE
And ends in HATE.
I am an oval curving round,
Some routes longer than others.
I am the second week in spring
Fresh, sensitive, and valuable
Waiting for the
Next drop of rain.

Opposites Attract?

Opposites Attract?

They say opposites attract like its a good thing
But do they tell about the hurt or the pain
Two worlds supposed to entwine and make one
But it is hard and not at all fun
The expectations held high by both people
Does not exactly make the sturdist steeple
It requires more give than take
And sometimes involves alot of heartache
But if ur strong and can make amend
Then it all works out in the end.

The Path I Chose

The Path I Chose

I was forbidden to travel young,
But I walked the path anyhow,
I walked the route with many lengths.
My parents chanted, “Wait until you’re old!!”
Sometimes I wish I would have listened to what I was told.
I traveled anyway,
I traveled far.
I found older men;
Strong in physical sight,
But weak in mental light.
My desire of this gorgeous place
Sent me flat on my colored face.
On the path I chose to walk,
I magnified my sins, and yet tried not to talk.
I want my parents to know it was not their fault
For it was the path I chose to walk.
I now sit here trying to unwrap my faults,
I’m sorry I did not;
Did not listen to what I was taught.