The One

The One


I feel alone
When I have no shoulder to cry on
But he offers his to my dripping tears
That’s the one
I would call at 3 in the morning for comfort
The one
That knows my secrets
The one
That is talented
The one
That cares when no one else dose
He listens to my heart ache and sarrow
And if its needed he will tomarrow
He must be
The one
The others laugh at me
He smiles softly
And I knowhe’s 
The one

Cosmic Coup

Cosmic Coup

What cruel trick is this? 

What joke?
Hell’s descent when thoughts of heaven won
Into the furnace and there burned alive
Day on day and night on night
Satan’s terrible works and my own
And that of every man
Till the fire was spat and the beast was beaten
The horn-ed devil broke of power

Whence my soul rose clean above the ashes
And came to rest in God’s own grace 

Etenal  light’s sweet flame
Senses whelmed and whelmed again…
Oh heart! 

To find at last 

Paradise on  this grey globe
Promise of being, promise of love

When hope was dead and dead of spirit: such gift!
And laughter echoes from the bowels below:
Yea, Heavenly  fire. 

But God is not king and Lucifer slave…
Lucifer rules. . .

And  God the knave

Alabaster Dreams

Alabaster Dreams

In the transparent black night,
My pumpkin drives away
Over hills and out of sight
Off into the distance

In these timeless moments,
My glass slipper shatters
Sp l i n t e r s and s h a t t e r s
Into a million shards

Though the dancing was divine,
The ball is over now
And the clock has chimed a dozen times:
The enchantment has gone

Yet usurious of hope,

Like waves in a seashell
Waft leisurely through the air
For I know
My fairy godmother will come again