Life is love, life is mountains,

 Life is the rivers that flow up and below. 

Life is the sky that covers the earth from east to west.
Most of all life is the harmony and
Compassion that we share from soul to soul.

His Eyes

His Eyes


His eyes shine so vary bright
Oh how I want him to be mine
And have a place in my heart
But dose he know
I admire him from a distance
That I long to tell him so
Would he love me back
Or just turn me down
When I look in his eyes
They shine so bright
I think he likes me to
But how to tell there just
Too brown


Friendship is one word that means the world to me,

 We base it on laughs trust and honesty 

Even though we argue and fight, 

We both know its just not right 

My hand is always lending, 

Our friendship is never ending 

We always seem to have a blast, 

So I’m telling you my friend our friendship will last