Tears Dont Fall

Tears Dont Fall


My eyes fill up and over well
The water on my cheeks
The feeling dry hands wipe away the tears
How many days, weeks, months, or years
Will I have to endure this pain
This pain of love
One hand curled in yours
The other holds a cigarette, breath in, exhale,the smoke
Becomes one with the air
Like our souls intertwined
Love sweet love, make me cry tears of pain
Forb there is nothing more violent than love
Insecurity, loneliness, regret
I feel those when your not near
The fear of bieng alone forever, with out you
I cry and I weep but my tears don’t fall

Death Of Flowers

Death Of Flowers
Winter is Death. 

Sentencing the flowers of summer

 To their cold graves. 

No hospitals for them. 

Their illness-

The cold- 

Is quite fatal. 

And no flowers for their funerals-

 The bleeding hearts 

And the peace lilies 

Are all dead too. 

Sleeping in silence. 

But not forever. 


Only until 

The return of the warm 

Summer months.

I Am…..

I Am . . .


I am red and yellow
Like the speechless sunset.
I am powerful, big, and gracious
As is the mighty Blue Whale.
I am a love song that begins in LOVE
And ends in HATE.
I am an oval curving round,
Some routes longer than others.
I am the second week in spring
Fresh, sensitive, and valuable
Waiting for the
Next drop of rain.