I drain the world out,
With the flow of water.
Locked in a room where the walls are caving in
Voices in my head come out to play
No sunshine, no flowers
Only rain and pity laughter
Secrecy is where I belong
Confined in a heart shaped box
Threw away the rusted old key
I’ve taken hostage of my life,
To never return to this melancholic world
In my mind I am fixated on one thing,
To live a life of Solitude.
I awoke with the world
Spinning faster before my eyes
Gleaming stars of eternity,
Vanished beneath the earth’s crust
Never returning to this great void.

Mirror Image

Mirror Image
I look into the mirror
And I realise at last
Who that teenage girl is
Standing in the glass
I realise its not me
The real me is deep inside
Downwhere no one elso can see
And I can safely confide
I look into the mirror
And I stare at what I see
It’s nothing but an image;
A mere glimpse of the real me
This is a old poem I wrote years ago when I was a teen

Redica Of Rainbows

Redica Of Rainbows
My window is open, full of everything within
The touch of sunlight.
As though it was a consent moving picture,
That the painter was never done painting.
Things that seem to be alife, but in a
Moment it all stops, your beath is taken. To
Behold before you heaven it’s self. In all
The days you life past this, you’ll remember
That day the painter of your window gave you
Something to remember.