1 Am Musings

1 Am Musings

A burst of breath
A passing phase
A passage to death
A dying race
Life. That’s Life.
Something to hold
Something to run from
Something to unfold
Something to rely on
Life. That’s Life.
Death calls
Night falls
Earth cries
Opens its eyes
Your body’s shut
Blood supply cut
Life goes
Life ends
Life. That’s Life.


I woke up this morning and the sun was shiny and bright!
Everything seemed to be just right.
I stood up straight – 

Wondering who is playing games with me here
I seemed to be young in age and years.

My heart began to sing!

 What in the world is this?
Looked around – nothing seemed to be amiss.
I looked in the mirror and saw a young face,

Am I in the right place?
I took a deep breath – fully able to breathe
I wondered – is this really me?

Instead of the old face worn by the years,

I saw a young image, free of wrinkles, eyes clear,

Who is this image showing here?

Do dreams come true – well maybe they do.

So I am sending my dream to you.

If you visualize yourself as young and cheerful – 

Full of vigor and vim 

Perhaps you will remain ageless
Inside and see yourself as young and trim.

But if you see yourself as old 

That is the image you will behold. 

So think rainbows and smile
And carry that youthful image with you all the while.