The Parting

The Parting
My minds ambivalent the vastness of the land,
Pondering perpetually as before you I stand,
Amidst the twilight of the setting sun,
I gaze reminiscence as of our time together drawing to none,
As I embark a journey into the wondrous world and we begin to part,
Doubt me not when I say it too breaks
My Heart,
Amidst the pain I take solace from the fact,
After my adventures I will be back,
Always yours I will remain,
Even through my absence this promise
I will sustain,
Believe my declaration of loyalty as but
The truth,
In keeping my role as eternally your loving

My Emotions

My Emotions

In a way I’m not ok
I’m sorry I do not want to dismay or display my emotion,
It Is secret inside and out
I keep it locked up so no one sees me cry
Or here me mumble I want to die
Oh how I wish we could fly
So I could leave to the clouds in a big array
I have to be careful with my emotion
So I won’t let it display
For curious eyes ready to pry
Inside and out im a big mess
I just want to rest
Let my emotions fade with my dreams
So no one sees me cry
Or mumble I want to die

Shining Moon

Shining Moon
Moon shines on the blue sky
Sky seems so far away
Heart stops for once when
I think of a lovely girl
This night resembles her singing hair
These stars looks like her footsteps
I wonder where she comes from
I wonder where she would go to
In my lonliness..

In my dreams
I could`nt stop dreaming of her
Breath stops a while when
I fear, it would end up like a dream
I wait for nights to come
I drive away to be lonely
My nights are filled with her
My life is…All about her



Writing poetry

Using rhyme


The words flow

In great pose

Overflows onto the page

Excited the poet writes faster

Lines words and soon

The poem is just words on paper

Haunt the dreams of poet

Words once written long ago

Locked in a box

The dreams and hopes of some

Never discovered poet.

Copyright ©2005

Don’t go!

Don’t go!
Remincising about some fantasy’s
Hoping if you even thought of me
Arms to hold me so warm and tight
You bring happiness to me every night
Knowing that you had to go baby please stay a lil mo.
I love you no matter what
The shower kisses always bring me up