I am tired of this cage that I live in.
The cage has a worn, deep entrenched path the traces my
Monotonous life. The steel, cold bars drive me mad
Just thinking that it’s very existence is a reminder that I
Cannot escape. What I wonder at is that I – I chose it!
Why did I not flee as the others did? I cry insanity.
Why did I accept it’s drab, dull, limiting, hostel
I believe I was too much the mouse and not the lion
The wild lion.
Sometimes my former mates visit, only to serve as a
Reminder of why they left. They don’t visit for long;
It is the cage. They only want to see the monstrosity
So they might appreciate the freedom much more
I long to release my latent fury. To break-even dent the
Uniform bars. But no-I must bid my time. I have played the
Role of the lamb much too long to suddenly become…
The hawk! So I might soar. I am restless, I want hope. A
Caretaker peers at me: “You have but a few years, until then
Won’t this do.” He turns on a lamp.
Not it won’t; for I want the sun.

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