The Ambush

The Ambush

Cat paws pad swiftly down the hall,
Looking for a human to befall.
Peeking cautiously around each door,
For bare feet upon the floor.
He wiggles, he waits,
He anxiously anticipates.
Then he sees his naked prey,
Five toes which seem to say,
“Come and get me while you may.”
A flash of fur, the target reach.
A swift response, the victim’s screech.
There is no victory so sweet,
As the conquering of human feet.




I am tired of this cage that I live in.
The cage has a worn, deep entrenched path the traces my
Monotonous life. The steel, cold bars drive me mad
Just thinking that it’s very existence is a reminder that I
Cannot escape. What I wonder at is that I – I chose it!
Why did I not flee as the others did? I cry insanity.
Why did I accept it’s drab, dull, limiting, hostel
I believe I was too much the mouse and not the lion
The wild lion.
Sometimes my former mates visit, only to serve as a
Reminder of why they left. They don’t visit for long;
It is the cage. They only want to see the monstrosity
So they might appreciate the freedom much more
I long to release my latent fury. To break-even dent the
Uniform bars. But no-I must bid my time. I have played the
Role of the lamb much too long to suddenly become…
The hawk! So I might soar. I am restless, I want hope. A
Caretaker peers at me: “You have but a few years, until then
Won’t this do.” He turns on a lamp.
Not it won’t; for I want the sun.


The way you smile
All those cute looks
Makes me go wild
You’ve got me hooked
Seeing you in the halls
Not knowing if you know
I wish I could tell you
But I’ll leave you alone
You’ve got everything you want
Why would want me?

Regretting, Not ForgettingĀ 

Regretting, Not Forgetting
You were crying that day

As my train pulled away

I was leaving you dear

Though I wanted to stay

All through the night, I also cried

Your love for me, I thought had died

We had a few problems, you and I

Kisses were forgotten, I recall with a sigh

Your loving arms around me

Become a memory

My aching heart imagined,

You had grown tired of me

You insisted sweetheart, it just wasn’t so

But you did nothing to stop me,

You just let me go

A mistake, I’ll admit, but I learned a lot too

I should have known, I’d be lost without you

Love can’t be measured, by the number of kisses

Just knowing you’re loved is what true bliss is

When I open the door, and find you’re standing there

I’ll know I’m forgiven, 

God has answered my prayer