Heart Hurts

Heart HurtsI’ve suffered too much

My heart hurts so bad

So many sacrifices

Too many tears

Just tell me one thing

That you love me

Thats all I ask

Nothing else

I’ve  never had a love 

I’ve never had a love

I’m worried I won’t t ever

You seem too perfect for me

You were my first love

Sweet silence is the thing for me

Anything you like, I like too

I guess you can say I’m obsessed

But my heart hurts because of you

18 thoughts on “Heart Hurts

  1. Sadly, in love there is pain.
    But, there is an exception-
    The Love of Allah.
    May Allah ease your pain and make one you love coolness of your eyes. Ameen.

    When, I feel relations turning heavy, I focus on my relation with Allah and beg Him to give me company of those who love Him and make people in my life love Him. Ameen

    Take care. ❤

  2. With love comes pain, but the love for Allah brings no pain. May Allah grant you peace of your heart and mind sister, may He make whatever you go through easy and a source of abundant reward in the hereafter.

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