You have my heart in you strong hands
You have my life in you life
You have my heart in your heart
You love me I love you then why not
You come to me and just tell me
You really love me only me
You are the one who I can’t sleep with out
When I open my eyes I only see your face
My heart raise to meet you only you
I am to scared to tell you that I love you
So much I can’t live without  you
You only you
i luv you

Hold On

Hold On

This world, this world is cold 

But you don’t, 

You don’t have to go 

You’re feeling. 

Sad you’re feeling lonely
And no one seems to care 


Mothers gone 

And your father hit you his pain .

You can’t not bare.. 

Hold on if
You feel like letting. 

Go hold on it gets better than you

To be continued….