My Life Of Judgement Day

My Life Of Judgement Day

Sometimes I’ll do right, 

Sometimes I’ll do wrong.

 Thinking of the days that pass me,
Not knowing whats going on.

 Am I going to be there for the Lord when he calls me
To come to the pearly gates for Heaven.
Will thedevil pick me up to go to the fire
Pits of Hell when I’m flying on my way to heaven. 

Where will I be when it’s time for judgement day. 

How will I look I’m like the unequal girl that doesn’t get the way of life. 

Whats going on behind my life?

In My Hand– A Treasure!

In My Hand– A Treasure!


In my hand I hold a treasure,
No lighter than a feather,
Whether love or affection will hold Us together,
For all I know my Treasure
Won’t have to hold the charm
Of beauty,
Nor the meaning of perfect.
And now since I almost lost my treasure
I shall never try losing it again.
For my treasure isn’t of physical value,
Like gold and diamonds.
And if you were to open my hand,
And were to pull out my treasure,
You Will understand.
The atmosphere, the rain
Or the weather,
Won’t change the relationship of my friend. . .

If I Had a Horse

If I Had a Horse


If I had a horse
I’d ride it every day
I’d feed it the sweetest
Alfalfa hay
I’d bed it down
In a stall made of gold
And buy it a blanket
In case it gets cold
It’s shoes would be silver
It’s tack full of pearls
I’d braid it’s long tail
So it glistens and curls
Every morning
I’d feed it some grain
Clean out it’s hooves
And curry it’s mane
If I had a horse
My small pains would mend
But since I don’t have one
I can only pretend